Information Warfare Community (IWC)

The Navy Information Warfare Community (IWC) (previously known as the Information Dominance Corps (IDC) until 8 January 2016) is the result of the alignment of the OPNAV N2 (Intelligence), N6 (Communications Networks), and elements of N3 (N39, information and cyber operations) and N8 (unmanned systems programs and resources) into a unified organization. The IWC is led by the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (DCNO N2N6). The DCNO for Information Warfare also holds the positions of Director of Naval Intelligence (DNI), Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy), and Director of Navy Cybersecurity.

Navy Information Warfare

A core element of modern naval power, Information Warfare (IW) is the integrated employment of Navy’s information-based capabilities (Communications, Networks, Intelligence, Oceanography, Meteorology, Cryptology, Electronic Warfare, Cyberspace Operations, and Space) to degrade, deny, deceive, or destroy an enemy’s information environment or to enhance the effectiveness of friendly operations. 

Information Warfare Mission

Defeat any enemy by assuring command and control, enhancing battlespace awareness, and integrating fires to achieve Freedom of Maneuver across all warfighting domains.

Previous DCNOs

The IWC combines officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel from the following areas:

Officer: Information Warfare Officer (IWO)

Enlisted: Enlisted Information Warfare Specialist (IW)

Information Professional (IP)

Cryptologic Warfare (CW)

Cyber Warfare Engineer

Intelligence (INTEL)

Meteorology/Oceanography (METOC)

Information Systems Technician (IT, B460)

Cryptologic Technician (CT, B5XX)

(CTI, B51X; CTM, B520; CTN, B525; CTR, B540/B550; CTT, B550)

Intelligence Specialist (IS, B600)

Aerographer's Mate (AG, A410)

IT Civilian

Cryptologic Civilian 

Space Cadre

Intelligence Civilian

METOC Civilian

Community Leaders:

Other IWC Designators: 185X (any IWC qualified officer), 186X (IWC Flag Officer from any IWC Community O-7 and up)