Navy Information Warfare

A core element of modern naval power, Information Warfare (IW) is the integrated employment of Navy’s information-based capabilities (Communications, Networks, Intelligence, Oceanography, Meteorology, Cryptology, Electronic Warfare, Cyberspace Operations, and Space) to degrade, deny, deceive, or destroy an enemy’s information environment or to enhance the effectiveness of friendly operations. 

Information Warfare Mission

Defeat any enemy by assuring command and control, enhancing battlespace awareness, and integrating fires to achieve Freedom of Maneuver across all warfighting domains.

Welcome to Navy Information Warfare Community Self Synchronization (IWCsync)!

Purpose: To share unclassified information, enhance our collective situational awareness and facilitate the development of a common Navy Information Warfare Community (IWC) culture.

Note: the Information Warfare Community (IWC) was previously known as the Information Dominance Corps (IDC) until 8 January 2016.

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