General Information Warfare Community Resources
Information Warfare Qualification Programs

Information Warfare Officer (IWO) — Formerly Information Dominance Warfare Officer (IDWO)
  • NAVADMIN 292/11: Information Dominance Warfare Officer (IDWO) Program for Space Cadre
Enlisted Information Warfare Specialist (EIDWS) — Formerly Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist (EIDWS)

 Community  Designator  Active  Reserve
 Meteorology/Oceanography (METOC)  180X  108B (FEB13)  108B (FEB13)
 Information Warfare (IW)  181X  108C (FEB13)  108C (FEB13)
 Information Professional (IP)  182X  108D (FEB13)  108D (FEB13)
 Intelligence (INTEL)  183X  108A (FEB13)  108A (FEB13)
 Cyber Warfare Engineer  184X  121 (MAY11)  N/A

Communities and Designators

The IWC combines officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel from the following areas:

Information Warfare Officer (IWO)
Information Professional (IP)
Cryptologic Warfare (CW)

Cyber Warfare Engineer
Intelligence (INTEL)
Meteorology/Oceanography (METOC)
Enlisted Information Warfare Specialist (IW)
Information Systems Technician (IT, B460)

Cryptologic Technician (CT, B5XX)
(CTI, B51X; CTM, B520; CTN, B525; CTR, B540/B550; CTT, B550)

Intelligence Specialist (IS, B600)

Aerographer's Mate (AG, A410)

OtherIT CivilianCryptologic Civilian 

Space Cadre

Intelligence CivilianMETOC Civilian
Community LeaderVADM Nancy NortonVADM Timothy "T.J." WhiteRADM Robert SharpRDML Timothy Gallaudet
Other IWC Designators: 185X (any IWC qualified officer), 186X (IWC Flag Officer from any IWC Community O-7 and up)

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